Why We are Independent, Fee-Only Advisors

Just as you want your other professional advisors (accountants, attorneys, physicians, etc…) to advise based on what they know to be best for you rather than what pays the highest commision or fee, Epsilon Financial Group only receives compensation through fees. We do not use investment tools that pay comissions or other forms of compensation. We do not have any conflicts of interest impacting the advice we give regarding your financial goals and investment management needs. We fully disclose our fees in the initial documentation we prepare and with each subsequent reporting cycle. Only through this form of compensation can you be sure your advisor keeps your best interest at the forefront of all recommendations and decision making.

Although most of our clients need ongoing services subject to our typical fee schedule, we customize our services to meet each clients needs. As needed, we offer hourly services for specific needs. Likewise, we can customize the planning and management model as needed. Regardless of the model, as a fee-only firm Epsilon Financial Group is compensated solely by its clients, with no third party influences affecting the advice provided. This structure provides maximum objectivity with regard to client recommendations. It also gives clients the most flexibility in implementing their plan.