About Our Name

Epsilon is the fifth letter in the Greek alphabet. Epsilon is used as a constant in numerous mathematical, statistic and economic disciplines.  Epsilon stands for consistency, continuity and stability in our financial services business.  In economics, Epsilon is also the symbol for elasticity.  Elasticity is the ratio of change in one variable compared to another variable. Throughout economic study, elasticity is a key concept.  A cornerstone of our financial model is the relationship of various markets to other markets and how change in one affects another.

The spiral logo depicts the Golden Spiral. The Golden Spiral, sometimes called the Golden Round, is a spiral with proportions similar to the Golden Rectangle. This spiral is actually only a series of quarter-circles drawn in squares. These squares have been inscribed in in Golden Rectangles. It is constructed in a similar fashion to  the Fibonacci Spiral. Throughout nature, agriculture, architecture, art, music, and many other sciences, these spirals appear thus illustrating the order in essentially all things. Disney created an excellent presentation discussing this concept in his Donald in Mathmagic Land cartoon (available on YouTube).

What does all this mean to you? Mathematics is our way of explaining the chaotic world around us with a system of numbers.  Our task as your financial adviser is to understand and communicate the order and constants (the givens) in the variable, uncertain world you live, work, and invest in. We are trained in, experienced at and enthused about helping you understand your goals and our plans for attaining these goals.  The complexity behind our work is not your concern, as we specialize in turning the difficult concepts into understandable goals and attainable plans.